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Sydney Wynn 20 x 16 Watercolor
"Sydney Wynn" 20 x 16 Watercolor
Gratitude 24 x 36 Oil on Canvas
"Gratitude" 24 x 36 Oil on Canvas
Adagio for Reeds
"Adagio for Reeds" [Sold]
29 x 37 1/2, watercolor
Spring Suite 2 40in x 48in [Sold]
"Spring Suite 2" 40in x 48in [Sold]
The watercolor artist, Rebecca Rivers, encapulates the large within the very small. While balancing vibrant color with realism, and joyous freedom with contolled detail, she strives to express cherished moments in time. As the crisp air rushes by while "wandering the edge", one is refreshed. The edge can be a shoreline, it can be a precipice, it can be the outer fringes, as well as a threshold. A painting might be the threshold that carries the viewer to an authentic essence of things.

Rebecca is most happy when she is wandering the shorelines, or the edges, of Maine. The smell of the salt air, the voice of the pounding surf, screeching seagulls and clanging buoy bells fill this wanderer with calm, serenity, and inspiration. Water, whether salt or fresh, draws Rebecca, her watercolor paintings are answers to that call.